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Русская рулетка: Вторжение в Украину — 3

"Народный мэр" ТЕРРОРИСТ Славянска Вячеслав Пономарев заявил, что задержанный накануне сепаратистами американский журналист Саймон Островский связан с "Правым сектором".

"Этот журналист, у него двойное гражданство - США и Израиля, действительно задержан силами самообороны. По нашим данным, он является информатором "Правого сектора", - сообщил ТЕРРОРИСТ Пономарев. "Народный мэр" ТЕРРОРИСТ отметил, что Островский содержится в "нормальных условиях" и ему предоставляется питание. Ранее представитель донбасских сепаратистов ТЕРРОРИСТ Мирослав Руденко отрицал факт задержания американского журналиста. Он сообщил, что "среди задержанных за несколько последних дней американских журналистов, как и вообще граждан США, нет".

Накануне американское издание Vice, в котором работает Саймон Островский, подтвердило, что он был захвачен в Славянске. Свою обеспокоенность ситуацией выразила и представитель ОБСЕ по вопросам свободы СМИ Дунья Миятович, которая призвала прекратить преследования журналистов на Донбассе и позволить им выполнять свою работу. Напомним, 16 апреля в Славянске неизвестные захватили журналиста Сергея Лефтера. Его местонахождение до сих пор неизвестно. 22 апреля в Горловке Донецкой области исчез журналист Евгений Гапич из Коломыи и его брат.

Last week, Ukraine launched an anti-terror campaign to recapture the cities being occupied by pro-Russia protesters. So far, the campaign hasn't been going so well. On April 16, the second day of the campaign, Ukrainian military moving into Sloviansk — the focal point of the pro-Russia forces — and gave up their equipment. The armory was brought to the center of town where it has become a local amusement. Elsewhere, crowds of pro-Russia protesters stopped a column of Ukrainian troops in Kramatorsk and made them disarm. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky was on the scene as Ukrainian forces disarmed their weapons and vehicles.

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Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty Seven)

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This week, the Ukrainian military launched an anti-terrorist operation to quell the pro-Russia violence and unrest that has swept eastern Ukraine. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky interviewed troops deployed in the operation at the border between Kharkiv and Donetsk, and then traveled to Kramatorsk, where pro-Russia protesters were attempting to take over an airfield. When Simon arrived, it seemed that the airfield was still under Ukrainian control, but the pro-Russia protesters were outside preparing to seize it. Once the head of the anti-terror operation appeared outside the base, the commander was accosted by the protesters until he retreated back inside — so much for his anti-terror operation.

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty Six)

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On Monday, pro-Russia protesters stormed a police station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Horlivka. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky was there as they seized the building. Inside, the demonstrators attacked a police officer accused of pushing someone out of a window while the person was trying to display a Russian flag. Later that day, a video emerged on the internet showing a man purporting to be a Russian army colonel giving orders to troops in eastern Ukraine. This is the first bit of evidence that there might already be Russian boots on the ground in the country.

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty Five)

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Last week, pro-Russia forces took over the police headquarters in Slovyansk, a city in Eastern Ukraine, marking the latest expansion of the self-proclaimed "People's Republic of Donetsk." VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky rushed to the scene to verify whether or not Russian Special Forces had taken over the building, as was rumored, but found that it appeared to be the work of locals. As the situation escalates in Eastern Ukraine, a pattern has emerged in which buildings are stormed and occupied at night, while crowds gather outside during the day to prevent anyone from getting through. The situation in Slovyansk is different because the whole city seems to be guarded by pro-Russia forces. Which city will be next?

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Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty Four)

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Pro-Russian protestors in Luhansk, the most Eastern city in Ukraine, took over the headquarters of the state security services on April 9. Armed with guns they found in the building, the demonstrators were determined not to leave. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky visited the occupied building, which despite the occupation, was surprisingly calm.

But not everyone in Luhansk wants to join Russia -- and some who express that sentiment are suffering dire consequences. We spoke to one resident who said he was severely beaten for siding with Ukraine, and another who is determined to leave the area if Luhansk becomes Russian. Amid calls for parts of Ukraine to join Russia, the tension and unrest across the country is spreading — and it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict what will happen next.

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Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty Three)

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On the second day of the self-styled People's Republic of Donetsk's existence, people gathered in the Regional Administration Building to discuss their new government and make plans for the future. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky attended the meeting where things got a bit heated, and later interviewed Serhiy Taruta, the current governor of the Donetsk region. Taruta argued that those who declared independence from Ukraine have no authority to do so and are not supported by most residents of Donetsk. There's still about a month left before their supposed referendum, and the future of Donetsk is uncertain.

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty Two)

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On April 7, the people of Donetsk declared themselves an independent republic and called for a Crimea-style referendum by May 11th. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky was there as people stormed the regional administration building and demanded to join Russia.

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty One)

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Ukraine's ultra-nationalist Right Sector movement has been extremely active during the Euromaidan protests, but Kiev is now moving to disarm the group. On Monday, one Right Sector member instigated a shootout outside a restaurant. Three people were injured, including a city official. In response, riot police surrounded the Dnipro Hotel, which the group was using as their headquarters. The group was forced to vacate the building without their weapons and move to a base outside Kiev. Simon Ostrovsky of VICE News was there as events unfolded.

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