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НОМ feat. Николай Копейкин/NOM feat. Nikolai Kopeikin
НОМ. Новый альбом 2012
NOM. New album 2012
based on the paintings by Nikolai Kopeikin
video created by Andrey Zakirzyanov

Lyrics by Nickolai Kopeikin

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Mother Moscow, rich and rare,
Swelling in a brilliant dress,
Mother Moscow, golden mare
Gave a birth to me - an ass.

Forest Magi - Bear, Owl,
Mole crept on their knees,
Made the gifts of sauerkraut,
Hornet's honey, bitch's cheese.

Like a ghost from the mist
I appeared new and crude.
I was born a real beast
And will die a real brute.

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There came my time to couple
I was trapped and married by
Pretty toad - fat and chuckle
Class-mate girl - my dear swine.

I was one of population
Laughing at the TV-hole,
Bought on tick and looked so fleshy
And got used to alcohol.

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Now alas, my faith is missed,
Heart is empty, life is rude.
Who was born a real beast,
He will die a real brute

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