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НОМ feat. Николай Копейкин/NOM feat. Nikolai Kopeikin
НОМ. Новый альбом 2012
NOM. New album 2012
based on the paintings by Nikolai Kopeikin
video created by Andrey Zakirzyanov

Lyrics by Nickolai Kopeikin

Mother Moscow, rich and rare,
Swelling in a brilliant dress,
Mother Moscow, golden mare
Gave a birth to me — an ass.

Forest Magi — Bear, Owl,
Mole crept on their knees,
Made the gifts of sauerkraut,
Hornet’s honey, bitch’s cheese.

Like a ghost from the mist
I appeared new and crude.
I was born a real beast
And will die a real brute.

There came my time to couple
I was trapped and married by
Pretty toad — fat and chuckle
Class-mate girl — my dear swine.

I was one of population
Laughing at the TV-hole,
Bought on tick and looked so fleshy
And got used to alcohol.

Now alas, my faith is missed,
Heart is empty, life is rude.
Who was born a real beast,
He will die a real brute

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