Beslan. The Right to Live / Беслан. Право на жизнь

Beslan. The Right to Live / Беслан. Право на жизнь

doc, 44 min, DV-cam, Gamaun 2006

Director Olga Stefanova
Camera Anna Voronina
Sound recordist Anton Morozov
Sound edit & re-recording Yaroslav Sapozhnikov
Producer Igor Geleyn

2 years passed since the tragedy in Beslan, but still there are no answers: authorities don't know what to say and the community is almost indifferent...

Even if you know in advance that you cannot find the truth or that the truth doesn't exist--which is one and the same--this doesn't mean that one shouldn't look for it. From time to time, when looking at fragments of history, you understand that it's not necessary to know in details what exactly happened; it's simply important not to ignore it and to remember that this could happen to any of us.

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